United Prayer Assembly is a pioneering ministry that advocates the sacredness of prayer. Members go out to pray and teach individuals, groups, churches, organizations and communities regarding the ministry of intercessory prayer, its infrastructure and the importance of “doing prayer” in their lives. UPA is a para-ministry with Living Water Church of Fairfield CA, and is affiliated with The Full Gospel Baptist International Fellowship Inc., United Pillars Inc., and has its headquarters in Fairfield, California.

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God has unified His Word (Holy Bible) and prayer as Jesus lived a life of perpetual prayer. We accept that God has placed at our disposal prayer in the name of Jesus Christ. Prayer is the most powerful weapon on earth or in any spiritual dimension for the purpose of bringing the will of God to pass, in the heavens, in the earth and in our lives (Luke 11:1-2; Matthew 18:19-20; Phil. 4:6).