I would like to thank you for visiting our website. It is my wish that through discernment and a broader understanding of prayer vocation, you will be encouraged to exercise your calling in our ministry.

UPA was birthed from a vision with a mission to assemble the people of God in prayer. Whether you are beginning or continuing your journey with the Lord, UPA specializes in the ministry of complete prayer.

Our staff is making progress in their spiritual disciplines to meet the needs of individuals, UPA members, partners, and clients who are seeking to improve their prayer lives. Whether your desire is to become an Intercessory Disciple, establish a formalized prayer ministry in your church or organization, bring prayer to your community or to simply participate in a prayer ministry with like-minded people, United Prayer Assembly will facilitate making this happen.

As member or client of UPA, you have access to workshops, forums, classes, community prayer events, special prayer services and worship celebrations.

If you are an intercessor who desires to learn more about Christian prayer and all that it offers, I extend my personal invitation to you, on behalf of United Prayer Assembly, to become a member of a prayer centered ministry whose goal is to enrich the lives of its members.

Reverend Oneal Young, Jr., M. Div.

Chief Executive Officer and Visionary


United Prayer Assembly’s vision is to develop each intercessor’s prayer calling in his or her area of specialty. Our goal is to make new generations of Christian intercessors (to include children and teens) who will continue the legacy of Christian prayer with passionate conviction and devotion. (Luke 11:1-2; Acts 4:31; 12:5).

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United Prayer Assembly’s mission is to do prayer by assembling the people of God. We want to make this powerful work available to all. We seek people who have a call to pray, making them Intercessory Disciples who yield miraculous results. (1Kings 8:1-5; Isaiah. 56:7; Acts 1:13-15).