Call 2 Pray is the heartbeat of UPA. It is our literal arm into people’s lives using prayer. Through live calls from people in need, we have the opportunity to present the power of prayer as the answer for their situation, opening the door to Salvation. We pray for anyone and turn away no one, and care whole heartedly about each caller. Our goal is to be there for each person, obtain general information, listen to their prayer needs and request and provide a fervent and spirit filled prayer on their behalf. All prayer requests are confidential and held in the highest regards.


During designated calling hours, clients will be greeted live, routed and prayed for by one of our anointed staff intercessors or our CEO and Visionary, Pastor Oneal Young, Jr. People may call in at random or choose to set a phone appointment to consult with their prayer request and receive . No prayer request is too hard, too bad, too embarrassing or impossible that God cannot work out through the power of agreement in prayer (Mathew 18:19-20). Call 2 Pray and we will pray for you!

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